Posted on July 28, 2016 by Amy Rosechandler

I made a video to share skills for Summer self-care, and to encourage you to think about your self-care this summer. Check out the video!

Summer is a great time to practice self-care and get into a new self-care routine. We often have more flexible time, and getting outside is easier. Many of us taking a break from classes, have more vacation time, or are getting the most out of longer, sunnier days.

The following skills are tried and tested and have been helpful to many of my clients:

Focus on creating an outdoor routine. his could be something like a weekly bike ride, nightly walk, or gardening on weekends. Plan something that gets you spending time outside regularly.

If you have fewer structured activities in summer, resist the urge to fill up every space. Use mindfulness to help you appreciate the outdoors, see what spontaneously unfolds, or be playful.

Try mindfulness with water and nature. Recorded guided meditations often incorporate nature sounds. Instead of listening to the recorded sounds, get out and experience the sounds yourself. Try mindfulness while watching flowing water, listening to the sounds of the forest or the waves.

Be easy on yourself. Enjoy the simple things in life during summer. Summer doesn’t always look like a swimsuit model or a perfect family on the beach. It’s hot and my hair gets frizzy! Try to be comfortable in your own skin and use summer traditions as a chance to re-connect with your roots. Summer is about slowing down and taking in the simple joys in life. Try taking a picnic or walk with family. Make your favorite summer dish. Visit a farmers market.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the warm days and the natural beauty our region has to offer. These skills are all ideas clients and I have found to be helpful over the years. I hope they serve you too.

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